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Report 27th October 2009

This week we welcomed back, for his 7th visit, one of our most popular speakers Mr. KEN HUMPHREYS of York.  In fact this was his second visit to Harlow Hill in six days; He spoke to Harlow Friendship Club last Wednesday.
Mr. Humphreys richly entertained us with his presentation of, Music from Operetta, including Offenbach, Gilbert and Sullivan, Lehar, Romberg and Noel Coward.
His knowledge of the stories behind the shows and his sense of humour make him a very popular visitor.
                                                        John Taylor

Report 20th October 09

This week member, Greville Moorhouse, a former RAF test-pilot,  gave a very interesting account of his post-war career as a builder of dams. Entitled: One Dammed Thing After Another (sic) he told of the difficulties and problems encountered in the building of dams, hydro-electric schemes and bridges. He also told of his travels.  Starting in Scotland he was then sent to Vancouver to build a bridge over the Frazer River for the Trans-Canada highway.  Next came Malta, then Bombay and Mysore for ten years.  Then Morocco, Cyprus, Iraq, Milan and Bogota. In an effort to settle down he returned to the UK to be sent to Wales to oversee an hydro-electric scheme and then to carry out test drilling and shaft boring in the Selby coalfields. He settled in Harrogate only to be asked to do one more job in – Montego Bay.

                                                                             George Mountford.

Report 13th October 2009

This week our guest speaker was Professor Martin Curzon who told the gripping story of Arctic exploration in the 1840s, The lost Franklin Expedition and the consequent search to find out what had happened to Sir John Franklin and his crew.

Professor Curzon believes that failure to eat raw meat and inadequate methods of canning food led to their deaths.
                                                                  John Taylor

Annals for 2008/9 Season

Annals of Forum for the season 2008/9

At the beginning of the season we had 45 members on the books.


21 April – Ex member Tony Penman died.

7th May — Visit to Harrogate Council Chamber and Mayors Parlour.

28th July — Ron Righton to live in care following fall.

7th Oct – New Members: Ken Bircher and Colin Brindle joined.


February — Mike Bratley died after walk.

17th February — New member John Clark joined.

27th February _ Ron Righton, founder member, died.

21St April — Annual General Meeting.

28th April — Visit to Thackray Medical Museum Leeds.                              

                                                                                          George Mountford

Welcome New Members

The most important people in our forum are the new members!

Reason – without new members our forum would soon cease to exist.  Back in 1977  the founder-members, in their wisdom, realised this and made every effort to attract new members.  They also stipulated that the forum should be open to “….. all men irrespective of  religious belief …..” 

This is as true today as it was then and this is why we try to advertise the forum in as many places as possible.  Reports in the local newspaper are one way, posters in Harrogate library and the Tourist Information Centre are another.  We also have links to the website and of course we have this our forum web presence.  But the most effective way of attracting new members of course still remains – by personal recommendation.

Attracting new members is one thing, retaining new members is just as important. We have to make them feel welcome and hope they will become part of our group.  Have you ever walked into a room full of strangers and been ignored?  If you have you will realise the value of a friendly greeting.

It’s easy, all you have to do is put out your hand and say:  ” Hello,  my name is  ……….  glad to meet you.” 

                                                                                         George Mountford.

Report 6 Oct 09

For the first meeting of this our 33rd season we were delighted to have as our speaker Dr. A.Day, former Chairman of the Harrogate Hospital Trust.

Dr.Day gave us a fascinating insight into The NHS: Past, Present and Future. Starting with the Pre NHS days of A.J.Cronin, through the National Health Insurance Scheme of 1924 with its doctor’s panels and Miners’ Welfare Institutes etc. to the 1942 Beveridge Report and the realisation of the NHS as we know it today.

                                                                        George Mountford