Report 20th October 09

This week member, Greville Moorhouse, a former RAF test-pilot,  gave a very interesting account of his post-war career as a builder of dams. Entitled: One Dammed Thing After Another (sic) he told of the difficulties and problems encountered in the building of dams, hydro-electric schemes and bridges. He also told of his travels.  Starting in Scotland he was then sent to Vancouver to build a bridge over the Frazer River for the Trans-Canada highway.  Next came Malta, then Bombay and Mysore for ten years.  Then Morocco, Cyprus, Iraq, Milan and Bogota. In an effort to settle down he returned to the UK to be sent to Wales to oversee an hydro-electric scheme and then to carry out test drilling and shaft boring in the Selby coalfields. He settled in Harrogate only to be asked to do one more job in – Montego Bay.

                                                                             George Mountford.

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