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Report 24th November 09

The Sylvia Wright Trust
Mr.Kevin Grundy spoke of the amazing work of Sylvia Wright, a nurse from Leeds, who after selling her house, car and other valuables which included cashing in her pension,  moved to a poor village, Tamil Nadu, in southern India where TB and deafness were endemic. Here from small beginnings she set up free clinics which in time evolved into a modern hospital with all the latest equipment for operations and a dialysis unit. She also set up schools for the local children especially the deaf, some of whom are now studying at the local university.
After more than 28 years dedicated work in India a Trust was set up in her name, and she was awarded OBE in 2007.
Please log on to the Trust website for more information and details of donations:
                                                                                      George Mountford


Report 17th November 09

“Are You Putting It Around That I’m Barmy?”
Member, Frank Ellis, in his 10th talk to the forum, brought back golden memories by relating the story of Jimmy James and the “Are You Putting It Around That I’m Barmy?” sketch.
After giving a most humorous account of Jimmy James’ early career in the music- halls where, eventually, he teamed up with Eli Woods and the multi-talented Roy Castle, Frank then acted out all three parts of the famous sketch by himself, much to the enjoyment of the assembled forum. We look forward to a return engagement Frank. 
                                                                                     George Mountford.

Report 10th November 09

Japan: Land of Contrasts.

In her third visit to the forum Mrs. Angela Henson highlighted the many contrasts to be met with in this amazingly diverse country. From the geography and weather to the religions and languages.

Traveling from Tokyo with its vast admixture of residential areas and industrial sites to the beautiful countryside with its almost untouched towns and religious centres, Mrs Henson, with the aid of many excellent colour slides, gave us a most enjoyable and informative clear commentary.

George Mountford.


Report 3rd November 09

From Russia With Love.

 Our popular speaker, Mr. Forster, is a consummate story teller. Using his confidential, intimate low key style, with many interesting  asides he spun us an intriguing tale centred upon the Russian royal family especially the Czarina Alexandra and her connection with Harrogate. The Royal families of Greece, Belgium, Denmark and England were also interwoven into the story.  We were held enthralled hanging on his every word.  In the end he showed copies of 14 letters written by the Czarina herself to a man in Harrogate.

Mr.Forster takes no fee for himself – the fee goes to the Leeds Childrens Holiday Camp Association. 

But did the Czar of Russia really open the Royal Bath Hospital?  
                                                               George Mountford