Report 1st December 2009

Councillor Cliff Trotter gave an interesting and entertaining talk about his year as Mayor of Harrogate in 2007 – 2008.  He thoroughly enjoyed the work which goes on 7 days a week, 4 functions a day.
Highlights included Europe in Bloom at Ripon Cathedral and Prince Charles’ visit to the restored Royal Hall.
Councillor Trotter used to live in Beckwith Road in our community.  Within a day of becoming Mayor, he spoke in the morning to 2500 ladies – visiting Soroptimists – in the afternoon to 200 businessmen and in the evening to 300 men at a sporting dinner.
He completed the coast to coast route on a bicycle during his year of office, for charity.  He was the first Mayor, he said, to open the Council Chamber and Mayor’s Parlour to organisations such as Harlow Men’s Forum, and that tradition has been continued subsequently.
He enjoyed every crowded day and gave up all his time to the Mayoralty but his wife was exhausted at the end of it, as she had to run her own business.  
After the talk, Councillor Trotter answered questions from members about the many growing problems of local government.
                                     John Taylor   


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