Monthly Archives: January 2010

Report 26th January 2010

President’s Morning
We were delighted to welcome the Rev. Mark Godfrey to give his annual presentation. This year he described a very interesting visit to Australia with a stop-off in Tokyo on the way out and Hong Kong on the way back. Particularly interesting were his descriptions of the new Australian Parliament Building in Canberra and the Northern Territory with its flora and fauna especially the crocodiles.
We were also glad to welcome as a guest; Mr. Bernard White.
George Mountford

Alteration to Programme

Please note, an alteration has been made to the programme of talks.

Ref. to 16th February 2010 – Stuart Tate cannot attend. Instead Mr. Michael Bevington will give an illustrated talk: A Walk Round Fountains Abbey and the Water Garden.  

   George Mountford

Report 19th January 2010

Mrs Rankin was unable to give her talk today but we were extremely  fortunate when Roy Cummings agreed to step in at the very last minute. Mr Cummings, a retired senior police officer, gave us an enthralling description of a manhunt.
The case dated back to the 1980s and involved literally hundreds of police officers on the track of a dangerous killer who went on a killing spree after first killing a police officer.
                            George Mountford.

Report 12th January 2010

Cancer Research UK
Twenty hardy members braved the snow and icy weather to welcome Betty Hagart who spoke on the work of Cancer Research UK.
Betty stressed the importance of awareness of the many different cancers and the research and treatments that are available today. Most importantly is early diagnosis.
Betty gave us lots of the latest information on cancer research, but most of all her words gave us courage and hope for the future.
                                        George Mountford