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Report 23 February 2010

His Honour Judge D. Clarkson in his talk, Good King Richard? gave us an enthralling analysis of the life and times of King Richard 3rd presenting many historical facts and conjecture which suggest that Richard was not as black as he has been painted.
Who then murdered the two Princes in the Tower of London? Were they in fact murdered? If not what happened to them?
Judge Clarkson recommends the following book on this subject: “The Daughter of Time” by Josephine Tey. Available from Amazon at £4.99 paperback or £0.01 used.
We also welcomed as guests: Tony Goodall and Martin Clarkson and on a return visit Derek Simpson.
George Mountford

Report 16th February 2010

Following a brief history of the National Trust from its inception in 1895, Mike Bevington then gave a very well researched and prepared PowerPoint presentation entitled: A Walk Round Fountains Abbey and The Aislabie’s 18c Water Gardens. With a very clear narrative style and superb visuals this was at once interesting, informative and most enjoyable.

George Mountford   

Report 9th February 2010


Stepping in at the last minute Frank Ellis gave us his Laughter is The Best Medicine presentation with memories of the great comedians of the 1950s.  And so it proved to be, with Frank’s presentation all present felt so much better.
We also had the pleasure of the company of seven ladies in the audience including: Mrss. Coggan, Clark, Smith, Howard and Mrs Lorna Jennings.
 George Mountford

Alteration to Programme

Please note a late alteration has had to be made to the programme of talks:

Ref to Feb 9th 2010

Clive Roberts will not be able to give his talk about the Hollywood Stars of Yesteryear.  Fortunately member, Frank Ellis, has stepped into the breach at very short notice and will give his talk: Laughter is the Best Medicine.

  George Mountford

Report 2nd February 2010

David Hunt gave us an eye-opening presentation on The Archaeology of Thruscross.  Using copies of ancient maps and documents written in Norman-English he described the history of Thruscross and the surrounding area. Particularly interesting were details of the submerged village, West End, and the many surviving farm buildings, some dating back as far as 1374 as well as the ancient stone-circles.
In response to questioning Mr Hunt then gave instructions on the ancient art of dowsing which can be very useful in archaeological digs.
We were glad to welcome Mr.Derek Simpson as a guest.
             George Mountford.