Report 2nd March 2010

We Apologise For The Delay

Geoff Queen gave us a most interesting and enjoyable talk on his life as a Civil Engineer working with the railways.

First he clarified for us some of the logic behind announcements such as: “We apologise for the delay to ….. .This was due to snow on the track,” or “a lion on the track,” or “an elephant in the tunnel,” or more intriguingly, “a failed virgin in Birmingham,”or perhaps the most unbelievable of them all, “ the Spanish Armada. – This was beyond our control.”

Geoff told us of the “Whisky and Soda” disaster near Runcorn.  Then with the aid of some excellent slides he described the problems caused by derailments, bridge bashing, mining subsidence, and even landslip caused by rabbits! 

We welcomed new member, Harry Mitchell and visitor, Paul Barrass.

George Mountford

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