Visit to Synagogue 27th April 2010

Visit to Synagogue

On 27th April 2010 members of the forum were invited to visit the Harrogate Synagogue where we were welcomed by Mr. Shrago and Mr. Morris who then gave most informative and enlightening talks on the Synagogue, the history of Judaism and its basis in the Bible and the Talmud. 

We were struck by the similarities but also by the many differences between the Jewish and Christian faiths. To give only one example; Christians have 10 Commandments to follow but Jews are bound by no less than 613 Commandments, some of which we found rather arcane but found others eminently sensible.

Members and friends were made to feel very welcome and we found the experience most enjoyable. Throughout the visit we experienced a warm feeling of goodwill and fellowship proving to us at least, that it is possible for people of different religions and faiths to live together in complete harmony.     

This is the last event for the forum in the 2009/10 season.

Next Season

Our 34th season will start with a bang on 5th October 2010 with a talk not to be missed.   My best wishes to all members for a healthy and enjoyable summer.  See you in October.                                      

George Mountford

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