Forum Annals For 2009-2010

Annals for the 2009/10 Season

At the beginning of the 2009/10 season we had 46 members on the books.


14 July, Joe Matthews taken to hospital.

21 July, Ray Coggan, driving force of Forum for more than 18 years, died.

28 July, Funeral of Ray Coggan, at Harlow Hill Methodist chapel.

      Church full with Rev.Lister, family, Men’s Forum members and  members of Harrogate G&S society and many friends. 

10 August, Peter Bailey died. 

6 October, William McNicol joined.

6 October,  Frederick Banks joined.

13 October, Ted Wooler re-joined

27 October, Harold Dawson left on sabbatical.

7th December, Albert Meredith, member,  died.


31st January, Greville Moorhouse died. Funeral, 9/2/10 @ 1.00pm.

23rd February, Derek Simpson joined.

2nd March, Harry Mitchell joined.

12th April, Dennis Smith (Registrar) taken to hospital with stroke.

20th April,  Members Annual General Meeting.

27th April,  Members and friends visit to The Synagogue in Harrogate.

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