Report 12th October 2010

Recycling: A Council Perspective.

 Andrew Hoban, Recycling and Promotions Officer for Harrogate Council, gave an extremely interesting talk entitled: Recycling and Waste Prevention in the Harrogate District.


Harrogate has 68,500 properties from which 40,887 tons of waste is collected, 32% of this waste is recycled but attempts are being made to raise this figure to 40%.  To this end there are 147 recycling centres within the district. 

Recycling is most important and will become more so in the future. The methods used today must be improved.  For example if garden cuttings and waste are used in landfill, in time the gas methane is produced which at the moment goes to waste; this should be used in a more efficient way. The energy used in making one tin can could run a television set for three hours.  One third of the food we buy goes to waste.  Love food – hate waste!


                          George Mountford

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