Report 30th November 2010

A Victorian Disaster and Scandal

 Heavy snow fell overnight in Harrogate overlaying a covering of ice from the previous day and with the temperature struggling to stay above freezing a large turnout of members was not expected.  However 18 hardy members turned up and were cheered when member Bill Blades gave his talk: 

A Victorian Disaster and Scandal.

With a very detailed account of the Crimean war and the famous charge of the Light Brigade, stories of the haphazard and amateurish preparations made by the British army, which was at that time still using the purchase system of promotion organised by agents, were told with much humour and with a surprising twist at the end with a local connection: In November 1882 at Harrogate Hospital, Sergeant Major Johnson, who claimed to have taken part in the famous charge, died and is buried in Grove Road Cemetery.

 George Mountford.  

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