Report 22nd February 2011

A Taste of Edwardian Harrogate

This week Councillor Philip Broadbank gave us ‘A Taste of Edwardian Harrogate’. To our surprise we found that there were three times as many public houses as today. Along side buildings very familiar today we saw images of the old library and hospital and the planned civic centre which was never fully developed.

Councillor Broadbank had some problems with his overhead projector but was a mine of information about Harrogate.  To those that think that the Edwardian Age in Harrogate was a golden period, he told us that animals grazing the Stray sometimes caused damage to gardens and that residents hated the noise and disturbance of the bands and pierrots who entertained the visitors. 

Chris Butterfield gave an excellent vote of thanks and bemoaned the lack of good Local History classes in Harrogate today.

John Taylor  

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