Report 29th March 2011

Bargain Hunting

Our speaker was introduced by his friend , John Taylor, who many years ago had shared some of Graham Kendall’s early morning forays buying and selling at antique fairs. 

Graham spoke about the world of antique fairs and car-boots in his talk “Bargain Hunting”. He advised members to look carefully at items which they might wish to purchase to ensure that they were genuine and spoke of some of his own successes and failures.

Antiques come in and out of fashion;  barley twist oak candlesticks, for example,  were once purchased in large numbers by Americans but are not now in demand.

Graham’s very interesting talk was interspersed with items which he showed or passed around.  A bottle opener which normally might only be worth 10 pence had sold for £60 because it was from a defunct brewery in York called Hunt’s and was therefore needed for a collection.  He also showed us a railway whistle, beautifully engraved, which had been produced in 1875 for the 50th aniversary of the Stockton – Darlington Railway.  A similar one, now in the National Railway Museum had fetched £400 at auction.

Gordon Richardson gave the vote of thanks.  Earlier John Taylor had thanked our Chairman, Malcolm Wood, for the cheerful and warm-hearted manner in which he had conducted our meetings across a long winter season.  Malcolm had said that he had been very apprehensive of the Chairman’s role but had thoroughly enjoyed himself and would recommend other members to accept the role if nominated.

John Taylor

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