Report 5th April 2011

Ice Age ‘10

Mrs.Judith Yeats gave a talk entitled Ice Age’10, about a cold holiday which she had enjoyed in Canada and Alaska. Her photography was of the highest quality. She travelled on the Rocky Mountaineer train to Vancouver and then cruised the Inner Passage to Alaskan gold rush territory.

Mrs. Yeats showed us breathtaking views and wonderful sunsets with some stunning photographs of glaciers, forests and lakes, snow-covered mountains and fast flowing streams.

We learned a new word ‘HOODOO’ , the name of the strangely shaped rock pillars near Banff which are the result of glacial action. On the Alaskan part of the holiday Judith had been able to visit towns like Skagway, now tiny, once very busy in the rough and tumble existence of the Gold Rush. Many Alaskan towns including Juneau, one of the major centres, are only accessible by water.

Mrs. Yeats disclosed that our meeting was her first ever talk to a group, amazing in view of her very professional delivery. During questions, Roy Howard, Reg Jackson and John Pearce were able to exchange experiences with Judith of Canadian holidays. 30% of the population of Vancouver is Chinese but race relations in the whole of Canada are apparently excellent. Bill Blades gave the vote of thanks.

John Taylor.

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