Report 12th April 2011

The History of Eddie Brown’s

Mrs Sue Scarborough gave the last talk of the season on the ‘History of Eddie Brown’s Coaches’ from its beginnings in 1949 in Helperby with one 36-seater bus to a modern business based in Thorp Arch with 40 coaches, some of which cost £300,000 each.

Mrs Scarborough is an accomplished talker and the anecdotes flowed.  The power behind the throne was Eddie’s wife Gwen who supplied the ideas and drive which her husband implemented.  Since Gwen’s death, her daughter Deirdrie has carried the business further.  In 2000 Eddie Brown took over Wray’s Coach and next week the company will run service buses for the first time.

Coaches for football teams in the Premiership and Superleague are now luxurious and include kitchens with toasters and panini makers and a horseshoe lounge area at the back.  These coaches are a far cry from the 1950 charabanc, which was a converted ex-army ambulance.

John Taylor 

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