Report 19th April 2011

Annual General Meeting

At the 2011 AGM George Mountford was re-elected as General Secretary, John Taylor as Programme Secretary and Roy Smith as Treasurer. The officers reported on a successful year with an increased attendance resulting in a healthy surplus. Special meetings will be held next session to mark the forum’s 35th season, beginning on 27th September. The Chairman then will be Roy Howard.

Our President, Rev. Mark Godfrey, took the chair for the 34th Annual General Meeting. Malcolm Wood, our retiring Chairman, read a letter from Save the Children, thanking the forum for a donation in lieu of Speaker’s fees. It was noted from George Mountford’s report that we had 54 members on the books but some were inactive. We still need to recruit more members and it is hoped that some will transfer from Woodlands Men’s Fellowship which has been disbanded. Roy Smith reported on the progress of the forum Blog which is run at virtually no cost to the group.

John Taylor reported on a successful year as Programme Secretary with an average attendance of 29, three more than last season.

The most successful meetings were: ‘Nightshift at York Minster’, ‘So you want to be a Nuclear Engineer’ and ‘Ice Age 10’. He thanked all his colleagues for their help and Denis Smith was given a special round of applause on his re-appearance as Registrar.

Roy Smith reported a healthy financial balance. It was agreed that £780 should be paid to Harlow Hill Methodist Church as rent and £90 should be given to the Secretaries as honoraria. Because of the impact of the recession it was agreed that the joining fee should remain at £3.00 and the weekly fee at £2.00.

£295 was given to charitable causes during the year either as donations or in lieu of speaker’s fees.

All existing Committee members were re-elected with the exception of Bob Jones who retired as Auditor. Chris Butterfield was elected as Auditor. John Clark joins the ‘kitchen team’ and Roger Bancroft was elected as an additional Vice-Chairman. Peter Copley reported on his visits to sick members, most recently to John Teasdale in Hampden House.

The Christmas lunch will be on Tuesday the 13th December 2011 and the visit to Drax Power Station will take place on Tuesday 3rd May 2011 and preliminary arrangements were made.

The 2011 – 2012 35th Anniversary season will begin one week earlier on Tuesday 27th September 2011 when it is hoped that Andrew Jones MP will speak about his first year at Westminster.

29 members attended this AGM, the largest at an AGM for several years.

John Taylor

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