Report 11th October 2011

Spain beyond the Costas

43 members and guests, the largest audience in recent years, gathered to hear the wit and wisdom of Derry Brabbs and to see his stunning photographs of the varied Spanish landscape and buildings.  Particularly memorable were the images of the Moorish heritage in Southern Spain, the windmills of La- Mancha and the city of Segovia in the twilight. 

Derry observed that there was almost an overabundance of great buildings in Segovia – a fine cathedral, a grand fortress and a Roman aqueduct. 

We finished in the Picos d’ Europe mountains of the north, together with some slides of the pilgrim route to Compostelle.

Derry told us that he is now beginning to experiment with digital photography, although he still feels that traditional methods yield superior results. 

All in all a very special morning to celebrate the 35th season of the Forum!

Mike South gave the vote of thanks and warned future speakers with slides that Derry Brabbs had set a very high standard to follow.

John Taylor


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