Report 15th November 2011

Dam Yangtze

Mr.Geoff  Queen, a retired railway engineer from Kettlewell, is one of our most informative and reliable speakers.  He understands the needs of a Men’s Forum as his father was Programme Secretary at Otley MF for over 20 years.

This time his subject was China.  We saw the Forbidden City in Peking, the Buddhist Temples and the Terracotta Warriors and we learned in summary form something of China’s long history. 

The compelling heart of the talk however was the Yangtze Dam and Reservoir.   Mr. Queen visited the river in 2002 before the water level rose by 400 feet changing the landscape for ever.  Already in 2002 we saw, on his slides, areas that had been abandoned looking like a war zone.

The work is now completed.  13 cities, 140 towns, 4,000 villages and 650 factories have been destroyed and the largest lock system in the world has been installed.  Ships up to 3,000 tons can be accommodated.  The reservoir is 400 miles long and would stretch from London to Edinburgh.


Peter Staples, himself a Civil Engineer now happily restored to health, gave the vote of thanks.                                                                                          John Taylor

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