Report 31st January 2012

“This England”

Another large attendance of 35 enjoyed a presentation entitled “This England” by Ripon’s professional photographer, Whitfield Benson.  He was introduced by our Chairman Roy Howard, himself no mean photographer.

 Striking images of birds and butterflies, field patterns and fiery Yorkshire sunsets were complemented by more familiar pictures of Ripon Cathedral, Norfolk windmills and Marcher Castles.

Mr. Benson informed questioners that he converted to digital seven years ago as film was no longer acceptable to press agencies.  To make a reasonable living, he has to cover weddings but finds that these social occasions contrast pleasantly with quiet days in the Dales taking photographs sitting patiently in solitude.

As residents of Harrogate district we recognised immediately Pateley Bridge High Street and Knaresborough Waterside but we were intrigued by stone sculptures on a house in Pateley, one a map of Antarctica, one depicting a wild goose.  Apparently they were put up by the grandson of Robert Falcon Scott, who is, of course, therefore the son of naturalist Sir Peter Scott.  This is just one of the quirky pieces of information that we learn as members of the forum.

Gordon Richardson gave a suitable vote of thanks to a fine photographer and inadvertently revealed that he, Gordon, is at least ten years older than we had realised!

John Taylor



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