Report 28th February 2012

Twenty Winters

Members enjoyed a most entertaining morning of reminiscences and sports talk when David Oxley, former Secretary – General and Chief Executive of the Rugby League, spoke fluently for an hour which seemed to pass in ten minutes. 

He brought to life the old characters of the northern professional game and remembered fondly his association with the legendary commentator, Eddie Waring.

Rugby League’s professional history began in 1893 when the Northern clubs broke away from the Rugby Union which until the 1990s would not accept official payment of players.

David grew up in Hull where Rugby League is the dominant sport,  a feature which it has in common with Papua New Guinea which he visited on tours of Australasia.  He was Headmaster of the Duke of York’s Military Academy in Dover before joining the Rugby League.  During his time in office he saw his beloved Hull Kingston Rovers win the Challenge Cup and entertained the Queen Mother as guest of honour at another Cup Final.

Richard Brooks, a dedicated sports fanatic, gave the vote of thanks and drew attention to the sad decline of the Great Britain national side which has not beaten Australia in a RL series since 1972.

John Taylor       



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