Report 6th March 2012

President’s Morning

Our President, The Reverend Mark Godfrey, gave his fifth talk to the Forum and blew away our late winter blues with excellent photographs and an informative commentary on his visit to Oregon, the US Pacific North-West state.

Oregon apparently has two seasons, winter and August, but the Godfreys enjoyed three weeks of glorious sunshine in this fascinating state.  Impressive vistas of seascapes with rocky outcrops alternating with sandbars and dune scenery. Inland the rocks are metamorphic and we were shown the remains of lava flows and hot springs.  Finally we crossed to Washington state and Mount St. Helens, where the vegetation was beginning to return thirty years after the eruption which mercifully caused minimal loss of life.

The writer will remember three otherwise unrelated facts from this well-researched talk:

  1. The notice warning of the dangers tsunami: ‘TSUNAMI SURVIVAL INSTRUCTIONS – RUN LIKE HELL’.
  1. The large number of covered bridges dating from the Nineteenth century.  The bridges were built in this way because the horses hated water and could be persuaded that they were crossing dry land. 
  1. The strangely-named  TOM, DICK and HARRY Mountains.

Mike South offered the vote of thanks and looked forward to a full report next season of our President’s 2012 holiday.

John Taylor


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