Report March 27th 2012

Yorkshire Shipping Past and Present

Mr Roy Cressey from Cross Gates in Leeds arrived by 36 bus but his talk took us back to the River Ouse in the 1960s and 1970s.

At the time York was still a trading port.  Nuts arrived at Queen’s Staith for the chocolate industry and a warship, HMS Flintham, was shown moored at King’s Staith.  Considering their age the clarity and colour of Roy’s slides were remarkable as we moved downriver to Selby where ships were launched sideways with spectacular splashes.  The railway bridge carrying the then London – Edinburgh main line was often hit by boats in a particularly difficult and sinister stretch of river. 

We were then shown slides of the port areas of Howden Dyke and Goole, where some activity still remains.  Much of the West Riding coal trade through Goole has been replaced by the shipping of construction materials for wind farms.  The slideshow finished with contemporary photographs of the large Hull – Zeebrugge and Hull – Rotterdam ferries and a wonderful sunset looking westwards from Hull towards the iconic Humber Bridge.

Mr Cressey worked for the shipping trade in Hull and Goole and his deep knowledge of his subject emerged in many amusing and telling anecdotes.

Our own “waterman” Roger Bancroft, who worked on the oceans as well as occasionally on rivers, gave an appreciative vote of thanks.

John Taylor


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