Report April 17th 2012

This Week’s Talk

This week’s talk was given by John Taylor our highly respected Programme Secretary.  Every year John works very hard on our behalf to provide us with a season of interesting, informative and very enjoyable weekly talks and presentations.  As well as keeping a watchful eye over each meeting and writing reports to the local press, he also organises the annual outing, Christmas Lunch and special events such as our 35th Anniversary Meeting.   So this week we were especially delighted that John was able to give us one of his carefully researched, accurately detailed and highly pleasurable talks given in his own smooth and erudite manner.

At the start of today’s talk John Taylor paid tribute to the retiring Chairman Roy Howard, who had introduced 65 speakers during his three spells in the post.                                                                                      George Mountford

The Strange Story of Victor Grayson

 Victor Grayson was a Unitarian Minister who became the fiery Socialist MP. For Colne Valley after a memorable election campaign in the moorland constituency in 1907.  Drink and outspokenness were his downfall.

 Grayson disappeared on 28 September 1920 when he was probably about to expose the sale of political honours by the government of Lloyd George.  One writer claims that Grayson was murdered, another that he took a new identity and lived on at least into the 1940s.  The true story will probably never be known but aged activists still remember the oratory and the enthusiasm of Grayson 60 years after the Colne Valley election.

Grayson was named Albert Victor after Queen Victoria’s grandson the Duke of Clarence in 1881.  In 1908 a future General Secretary of the TUC and Yorkshire character was named Victor Grayson Hardie Feather after the success of the MP.                                                                                                 John Taylor

Derek Clarkson gave the vote of thanks

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