Secretary’s Report

Report on Angela Henson’s talk
As usual Angela Henson attracted a large attendance to the Forum for another for her detailed, well-illustrated travel talks. In “Malta: small island, big history” she traced the tiny country’s history through its occupation by an unknown prehistoric people, Carthage, Rome, the Moors and the Christian kingdoms. In 1530 the island was given to the Knights of St.John who occupied it  until 1798. In  1800 Nelson took the island for the British from Napoleon who took away all the treasure. Angela showed us some excelllent slides of rich church interiors and the fortifications around Valletta. Malta was awarded the George Cross for the valour of its people in World War Two when in two months it suffered more bombing than London in the Blitz because of its strategic importance  in the Mediterranean.  The talk concluded with some slides of the smaller island of Gozo, quieter than its busy neighbour. Malta is now an independent state within the EU and Commonwealth.   During questions it became clear that several members had visited the island, including Ken Selkirk who had been in Malta during the Suez crisis on army service.

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