Secretary’s Notes

Forum Meeting Tuesday 27th November  Vincent Naylor, Impressions of India

Forum member Vincent Naylor made four visits to India between 1986 and 2006 as a representative of the St. Vincent de Paul charity and observed how the country modernised during this period.  After outlining briefly India’s rich history from early civilisations to the British Raj, Vincent showed us many of the iconic sites of the country from the Taj Mahal to the Gateway to India monument. The most fascinating scenes however were those of everyday life from the fruit markets (there are 30 varieties of banana) to the temple elephants and the bullock carts.  Travelling on Indian railways appeared to be at times a frightening experience, relieved by the warm hospitality of the people.  Vincent would go back to India tomorrow if he had the opportunity.  The excellent talk prompted a variety of questions about the future of this young country where a high proportion of the population is under 25.

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