Secretary’s Report

At the first meeting of 2013 John Taylor paid tribute to former Chairman John Pearce who died sadly only 5 days after the Forum Christmas lunch.  He had a distinguished career in civil engineering and later had supported many good causes.  Universally regarded as a good, kind man he had introduced many new members to the Forum.
The Chairman Bill Blades then introduced Mike and Anna McKevitt who in a pleasing conversational style described Mike’s career in the theatre as an actor. Is there no end to the variety of experience within our group of around 50 members?  Mike or Frank as he was then known grew up in Glasgow and started as a drummer. He was introduced in that role to the great Sir Harry Lauder and later played Lauder in a play based on his life story.  After a spell in the Forces in Egypt and a brief period as a shop assistant, his success in amateur drama obtained him the promise of parts in the Donald Wolfit company. Although in the event he never worked with the great man, Mike became a member of the great Joan Littlewoood company at Stratford East with Harry H. Corbett, appeared in a Wesker play at the Royal Court during the radical 60s and had parts in many long running TV series such as Emergency Ward 10, Dr Finlay and Redcap, the last with John Thaw. After the presentation there were many questions which reflected our appreciation of a fascinating life story.  Derek Clarkson who has attended 800 West End plays gave the vote of thanks.

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