Secretary’s Report

Michael Langford was our speaker today. He took us “around the world for 80 reasons”. Michael runs his own travel agency in Harrogate which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. People consult him for business trips, specialist holidays, beach holidays and everything from honeymoon travel to emergencies caused by the sudden death of a relative abroad.  In an engaging power point presentation he took us alphabetically from architecture to waterfalls in his explanation of the different reasons for travel. On a snowy day we travelled to New York, Thailand and South Africa and many other places in our imagination. It was clear from Michael’s talk that the small travel agent organising tailor-made holidays has to weigh up very carefully the preferences and needs of each potential client.  Michael himself is no longer travelling to familiar places but is looking forward to visiting Vietnam. In closing the meeting our Chairman Bill Blades revealed that he had travelled first class with his wife on honeymoon to Blackpool but had returned by bus a few days later!

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