Secretary’s Report

To cancel or not to cancel is the dilemma of a Programme Secretary in snowy and icy weather. In the event 19
members braved the poor conditions to hear David Davies talk about “The years of recovery and change from 1951 to 1964”.  During this period living conditions improved as austerity eased and controls were lifted but Britain’s economic performance lagged behind European countries and imperial commitments were discarded after the Suez fiasco showed that we could not act independently of the USA on the world stage. Four conservative Prime Ministers (Churchill, Eden, Macmillan, Home) sought to rule from the centre and did not undermine the welfare state established by the Labour government of 1945 to 1951. Mr Davies lightens the serious analysis of his talks with photographs of the time including on this occasion the London smogs, the Mini, teenage Mods and Rockers and the iconic images of Hillary on Mount Everest and Bannister completing the 4 minute mile.  Most remarkably of all perhaps the Queen has reigned throughout the period under discussion and will overtake Queen Victoria as our longest reigning monarch in three years time.  Vincent Naylor gave the vote of thanks and several members stayed to discuss issues raised with the speaker afterwards, always a sign of a successful morning.

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