This meeting of the Forum saw a late change of speaker with Mr Geoff Pawson coming in as a very able substitute and giving an amusing and at times quirky speech on the “Wild Flowers of Bolton Abbey” supported with an excellent slide show.

The amazing variety of flowers, shrubs and trees to be found around Bolton Abbey was something to be marvelled at with the predominant colour appearing to be yellow although other various hues were well represented amongst the floriade. Mr Pawson covered some of the myths and legends that have developed over the years relating to the various plants and also commented on the medicinal, eating and drinking uses they have been put too as well as things such as bedding for animals and building materials to name just two miscellaneous further usages. Indeed if one was lost for any length of time in Bolton Abbey grounds it’s likely that you could sustain yourself nutrionally with what’s on offer but with a strong caution that partaking of the wrong plant offering could lead to an early demise!!

Mr Pawson also mentioned his support of the Sir Edmund Hillary Everest Trust which he has been involved with for nearly 20 years.


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