Our talk today was given by Mr Alun Pugh whose topic “Dei goes to War”  was recollections and anecdotes of his late fathers war time experiences as a pilot with Bomber Command based at Pocklington.

Some of the reminiscences he shared were backed up from entries from his fathers war time diaries , photographs and newspaper/book  appearances over the years. The talk was by turns amusing, moving, wry and highly interesting interspersed with the mix of normal day to day activities juxtaposed around the high level bombing missions across Germany which were fraught with peril and  regrettably a very high mortality rate although Aluns father was a survivor and lived to a ripe old age. He did experience a serious ditched landing in the North Sea on one occasion with the trauma of losing some crew colleagues and this incident marked the end of his high level operational role with his squadron due to the injuries sustained.

We learned about “The Goldfish Club” for rescued survivors , how he met his wife (she was in the W.A.A.F.) and the genuine human emotions experienced by these young men such as fear before missions and relief if missions were called off but above all the stoic manner they accepted their lot and carried out their duty.

The vote of thanks was given by Malcolm Wood who was delighted in shaking the hand that had shaken the hand that had shaken the hand of the man who had shaken the hand of Adolf Hitler!!


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