The meeting started by the Chairman Bill Blades welcoming back Peter Staples after his illness.

Mr Geoff Queen , a previous visitor was today’s speaker with his fee going to Great Ormond Street Hospital. His topic covered his visit to IndoChina and was titled ” Veni, Vidi, Vietnam”. Memories were stirred with mentions and slides of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Hanoi, Phnom Penh as well as recollections of France and American military involvement in the area. Mention was also made of the great Mekong River which apparently flows in different directions depending on the time of year, Lake Nam Nguma in Laos   and some excellent pictures of Royal Palaces and Temples were also  shown.

The preponderance of motor bikes as the preferred mode of transport was commented upon as well as the danger to life and limb when crossing roads and also interesting was the great emphasis on fresh foods particularly vegetables, rice and fish as the dietary staples of the indigenous population.

A vote of thanks was given by Tom Snelling.


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