Chairman Bill Blades opened the meeting by welcoming a number of lady guests to what was a Forum “Open Meeting”.

The Speaker making a long overdue return visit was Mr John Wallis whose topic “Top Of The Bill” was accompanied by a number of musical instruments namely Banjo, Ukulele and Mandola to support what he had to say and with some very welcome and nostalgic musical interludes.  Member’s  memories of yesterday were rekindled with amusing stories and tales about Marie Lloyd, Rob Wilton,  Sandy Powell,  Al Read,  Albert Modley,  Gracie Fields,  George Formby,  Josef Locke,  Flanagan and Allen and of more recent vintage Les Dawson. The humour he displayed in his anecdotes showed a freshness despite the passage of time and left the audience both laughing heartily and wanting more!! Songs such as “Leaning On A Lamp Post”, “Hear My Song” and “Hometown” were equally well received and joined in by audience members with the morning’s entertainment concluding with “We’ll Meet Again”

A vote of thanks was given by Mr Frank Ellis.


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