Chairman Bill Blades commenced the meeting by reminding members of the change in programme for March and that Mr John Bevers speech on ” World Heritage Sites In The North” would be next week for 40/45 minutes followed by a discussion led by John Taylor regarding a possible visit or other activity to conclude this season’s programme.

Forum members were entertained today by Mr Norman Oberheim from Bilton Men’s  Forum where he is also involved with a sub group “Imagine”  for photography enthusiasts. Mr Oberheim took members on a trip through his many photographs and the stories or reasons why he had taken each one. Starting locally in the Bilton area we traveled to the Tuscany region of Italy visiting Florence, Siena and other rural locations before coming back to the United Kingdom with photos from air bases at Cosford and Elvington followed by a trip to Whitby and the Goth weekend ending  with some staged scenes back at his home base which produced some startling and intriguing pictures. Members were advised how to prepare and plan the set up for good photos, creating appropriate frames and using colour, shade and distance to its best advantage. He also nailed the myth that “The Camera Never Lies” by advising how photographs could not only be enhanced but radically changed by use of computers and modern technology.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks from Mr Roy Howard.


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