The meeting was started by Chairman Bill Blades as normal and Secretary Neil Ramshaw reminded members of the A.G.M. ON 30th April and if they had any topics they wished including to advise him or John Taylor. A subject regarding the issuing of membership database information (addresses etc)  had been raised by a number of members and would be covered at the A.G.M. so members with views either way should attend to be heard and vote as appropriate.

Today’s talk was given by a charity Jennyruth Workshops who are based at Ripon on the Newby estate and a team of speakers led by Tony and Jackie took part in the presentations. Jennyruth Workshops  is where adults with learning disabilities gain skills, confidence and happiness with  an extensive programme of activities and work. It’s a Social Enterprise involved with a variety of projects including woodwork, painting, metalwork, sewing, card making and office/administration skills. It also offers retail skills (has a shop) , life skills, has been involved in some impressive engine building work but also finds time to have fun with barn dances, quizzes and supported Sainsbury’s in Ripon on Red Nose Day with music and “spoon playing”. Members enjoyed the informal nature of the presentations by the group as evidenced by the questions asked and a short display of “spoon playing” conclude their talk.

Mike South gave the vote of thanks.

A short Forum discussion led by John Taylor took place regarding the May 7th event/visit and on a majority vote it was decided that a visit to Ripon Museum’s would be arranged and names would start to be collected next week.

Malcolm Wood following on from his member’s talk the previous week gave an entertaining display of his antique Corby Tie Press which concluded the morning in fine style.


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