The meeting was started promptly by Chair with five apologies given.

Doug Hay was welcomed back after a years absence due to ill health—it was good to see him!!

Treasurer Roy Smith took a short time to point out from the Forum Accounts that we were in rude health and invited questions from the audience.

The speaker was Mr Gordon  Darlington whose mysterious topic was “The Great Cover Up”. This transpired to be the curious and intriguing tale of Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s Deputy who apparently took it upon himself or with the connivance of other to fly to Scotland early in World War Two with a view to suing for peace. Matters then became complex and entangled with rumours of Royal family involvement, possible Doppelgangers, brainwashing and other nefarious practices.  Suffice to say he was interned for the remainder of hostilities and received a life imprisonment at Nuremberg War Crime Trials in 1946 which he served at Spandau prison until he was ninety three years old. Even in death intrigue and mystery still enveloped him…was it suicide (official verdict) or were more sinister forces at work. It is unlikely that this story has yet run its course and more may come out in the years to come.

The talk concluded but raised a number of interesting questions and comments from the audience.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Mr Vincent Naylor with 33 attendees at the Forum meeting.


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