Chairman Roger Bancroft started the meeting by welcoming visitor Ian Blyth an old friend and former neighbour. There were three apologies.

Under Informal Notices John Taylor brought member’s attention to the Christmas Lunch on December 10th and the menus and details he had issued. Final orders and payment are to be made by Tuesday November 19th.

Neil Ramshaw advised members regarding the “Harrogate Remembers the First World War ” enquiry day on Wednesday November 6th 10–12 noon at Harrogate Library where photographs/mementos and stories are required to contribute to an event next year. Details on poster at next meetings or from Secretary.

Treasurer Roy Smith updated members regarding the Third Party excess insurance query which was fixed and would remain as it is.

The Speaker today was Mr Roy Cressey whose topic “Shipshape” consisted of an interesting slide show and stories of ships that could have been seen at various ports and places in the United Kingdom and a brief history of their use and fate in recent years. Many famous ships were shown such as the old Queen Mary, Q.E. II, Royal Yacht Britannia as well as various naval vessels that saw Falklands action to more mundane vessels that transported various commodities and materials, to ferries and international ships from Russia and China. The extent of involvement of ports in Yorkshire and the North East such as Hull, Bridlington, Scarborough and Teesside reminded members of years gone by but sadly the demise of such industries in latter years.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Mr John Clark and 31 members attended the meeting.


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