Secretary’s Report

A prompt start was made to the meeting with three apologies being offered. Chairman Roger Bancroft reminded members regarding the December Christmas Lunch with next week being the final date for orders and payment to John Taylor.

Today was a returning speaker Professor Martin Curzon whose topic was “Honey, Sugar and Spice…and all Things Nice”. This proved to be an extremely entertaining and informative talk covering the history of honey and its early use as a sweetener, drink, lubricant, wound dressing and preservative amongst other things dating back to Medieval Britain with records from the Domesday Book showing the proliferation of hives kept around the country for its production. Consumption of honey per person was high, prices generally low and it was sold in bulk by the gallon, firkin or barrel. This continued until the advent of the Industrial Revolution as sugar became more readily available for general use and honey’s decline continued until recent years when a resurgence has been seen because of perceived health  benefits. Professor Curzon as expected discussed the impact of sugar and honey on tooth decay and its importance as a foodstuff and also in food production. He commented on various academic studies that had been carried out over the years and gave his own refreshing and droll views on the value of the products discussed. The talk had obviously engaged the audience given the range of questions and points raised at the end.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Mr Michael Cochrane and there were 33 members in attendance.


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