Secretary’s Report

A prompt start to the meeting was made by Chairman Roger Bancroft with two apologies having been given. A welcome was extended to new member Ken Lupton who was attending his first meeting.

John Taylor confirmed the details for the Christmas lunch in two weeks time with a 12. for 12.30 start at Ascot House.He also advised the Forum that Reg Jackson had suffered a couple of falls and was in hospital. John will be missing next week as he celebrates his 70th birthday in Germany at the Frankfurt markets..he was wished well!!

Today’s speaker was Mr David Winpenny whose topic was “Up to a Point–Pyramids in Yorkshire and Beyond” There are more pyramids in Yorkshire than any other county in the United Kingdom and he started his talk with a local pyramid at Sharow Church where Piazzi Smyth (Astronomer Royal Scotland)is buried . The earliest pyramids were basically heaps of stone based on getting nearer to God by building mounds but pyramid building has extended all over the world. Castle Howard has four pyramids in its grounds designed with possible Masonic influences a theme that run through a number of these structures. Henry Jenkyns 1501–1670 purportedly the oldest man in Britain has a pyramid monument in Bolton on Swale. Other pyramids discussed included sad memorials such as at Silkstone where many children died in the Husker pit disaster, Silverton Memorial from World War One (a munitions factory where many died)  to War Memorials commemorating the deeds of Nelson and the Battle of Waterloo.  Nowadays many modern buildings have pyramid designs built into them particularly leisure centres, swimming pools and closer to home the Sea Life Centre in Scarborough and even more local the Inspire on Hornbeam Park Harrogate.  A high number of eccentric characters were associated with the commissioning and building of pyramids in this country including Jack Fuller M.P. , Chambre Brabazon Ponsonby Barker and John Knill accompanied by the occasional  saucy tale! The oldest known pyramid in this country is the Compton Pike Compton Wynyates  in Warwickshire from 1588 but this is barely an infant compared to Egyptian and other pyramids around the world.

The Vote of Thanks for an illuminating and instructive talk was given by Mr Keith Wadd and 37 members were in attendance.


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