Secretary’s Report

The meeting was chaired by Roger Bancroft and started with five apologies being given.

The Speaker was the Forum’s own Mr Frank Ellis whose topic was ” Lancashire’s  favourite Yorkshire man”.

This told the story of Albert Modley born in Ilkey in 1901 and how he grew up to develop a show business career having had a variety of errand boy jobs in various Ilkley shops before ending up as a railway porter. He started off in a joint act as one of the “Two Eddie’s” before going solo and developing a routine based on his innate daftness and with a recognizable catch phrase of “Eeeeeh isn’t it grand when your daft!”. One of the major influences in his life was meeting and marrying his wife Doris who became his business manager and certainly knew how to extract Ailbert’s full financial worth from the impresarios they dealt with. Successful seasons in Morecambe (where they bought a house to live) and Blackpool saw his star in the ascendancy and a long fruitful career followed with national tours and radio appearances and a level of earnings well above those of the times. His last Radio broadcast was in 1977 and Albert passed away peacefully in 1979.

A number of questions followed the amusing and interesting talk and the Vote of Thanks was given by Mr Bill Blades.

33 members were in attendance.


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