Secretary’s Report

Chairman Roger Bancroft welcomed everyone to the meeting and announced three apologies had been received. A reminder of the Harrogate Theatre tour on Thursday 30th January  with a £3 charge  was given and he advised that an acknowledgement of a £50 donation to Harrogate Theatre (authorized by the Treasurer) had been received from Mrs Anne Cherry.

The talk today was given by Mr Michael Greatorex and Mr Paul Evans two members of the whose genealogical topic was “Family History — Trials and Tribulations”. The background to the three members of this group was all were ex-service personnel and subsequently Civil Servants at Menwith Hill who retired in 2011 and realized they had a shared interest in family history research which resulted in the formation of their research company. The two speakers gave a double handed presentation of some of their own personal investigations together with tips on how to start and proceed on individual family trees; where to source information from e.g. Relatives, Census Sites, Wills and Probates, Parish Records, National Service and Immigration/Emmigration Records etc. In what proved to be an absorbing and educational talk there followed a number of comments and questions which displayed the high level of interest from the assembled audience.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Mr Gordon Richardson and there were 39 attendees.







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