Secretary’s Report

The meeting was opened by Chairman Roger Bancroft with six apologies having been received. A reminder about the Harrogate Theatre tour on this coming Thursday was given, cost£3 and meeting in the theatre foyer at 10.55 a.m. John Taylor then asked the audience for views on the offer of a prospective speech from Collective Legal Solutions which appeared to be part informative and part of a commercial inclination. The expressed views were noted.

Today was “President’s Morning” with the Reverend Mark Godfrey giving his annual talk. Whilst his topic was ostensibly about his last holiday in Norway he made it both entertaining and informative for those assembled. From information on transport(Newcastle to Bergen ferry no longer runs!) to geography and the places he visited including Rjukan, Bergen–the wettest place in Europe!! and Oslo where the Nobel Peace Centre was visited as well as the many lakes, mountains, waterfalls and glaciers he observed on his travels. Historical events got a mention with tales of Telemark, the Saboteur’s Trail and the damage inflicted to the German’s heavy water programme during World War Two. Culturally we were informed about Ole Bull a famous Norwegian violinist but who more importantly was a mentor to Grieg. As usual Rev. Mark backed up his talk with some superb photographs which included the places he visited including Konisberg Silvermines and some of the Stave Churches such as Heddal which are U.N.E.S.C.O. World Heritage Sites. He also showed scenes of bungee jumping(he was a non participant), walk sites and white water rafting which he did take part in!! Judging by the questions and comments at the end of the talk it had been well received by the 27 attendees.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Neil Ramshaw.

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