Secretary’s Report

Chairman Roger Bancroft brought the meeting to order by announcing three apologies. He reminded members of the Local  and Family History Day this coming Saturday at the Pavilions of Harrogate and the possibility of sharing John Taylor’s sandwich!!

Today’s speaker was Mr Roger Nightingale from Kirby Malzeard who would share his experiences as an “Olympic Volunteer” at London 2012. His talk was split into two parts with part one being about how he became a volunteer and what he did. He reminded the audience of the long lead in time from London securing the 2012 nomination ahead of Paris at Singapore in 2005. His journey as an Olympic Volunteer started with his  interview at Gateshead; initial training at Hackney; collecting his uniform in West Ham and then more specific training at Lords Cricket Ground for his role looking after the radio communications ( walkie-talkies ) and at the venue where the Archery contests took place with the Olympics themselves running from 27th July 2012 to 14th September 2012. From a volunteer standpoint much was done on a shoestring budget apart from the provision of uniform, meals when on duty and some limited transport arrangements. It was therefore incumbent on him to make much use of his own transport  requirements by good use of his bus pass, budget coach and rail travel and the ubiquitous Oyster card when in London. He was fortunate in having a daughter living in the capital and was able to utilize her accommodation for his own domestic situation during the Olympics.  The second part of his topic centered on the “Experience of a Lifetime” with reminisces amongst other things of the other volunteers he met from home and abroad, people he met including Paul McCartney and some of the sights of London he experienced during this period.He touched on the security issues caused by GS4’S failures and the use of the Army and Police to support. He shared some technical terms from the Archery  Contests with us and we now know what a Kisser, Lady Paramount and Re curve Bow are!!More importantly we were reminded of some of the splendid memories from those highly successful Games and Roger transmitted some of his own personal enjoyment over to us. The talk was well illustrated with pictures and some appropriate music. The subjects covered raised enthusiastic questions and comment at the conclusion.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Roy Smith on behalf of the 32 attendees.


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