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I have posted the 2013/2014 Annals to Reports and Archives.

Have a good summer everyone and look to see you in the new season first meeting on Tuesday October 7th.




ANNALS 2013/2014


The previous season had concluded with 61 members registered on Forum records. Sadly during the summer Peter Jackson son of Honorary Life Member Reg Jackson and a member for 3 years died suddenly in the month of August. The death was also advised of former member of nearly 20 years and a past Chairman namely John Teasdale just after his 90th birthday.

At the start of the new season therefore on October 1st the Forum had 60 members on its records all of whom had been issued with Calendar of Meetings and a “Welcome Back ” slip.

Rosalind Crew our Church contact had been forwarded a Calendar of Meetings for inclusion on the Harlow Hill Church Website with its links to the Nidd Valley Methodist circuit.

Calendars of Meetings had also been distributed to Harrogate Library, Harrogate Tourist Information Centre and our Press contact in the Harrogate Advertiser Charlotte South.

The first meeting on October 1st was an Open Meeting  and a”special” celebration led by John Taylor whose title “Centenarians Then And Now” also acted as a tribute to our own Honorary Life Member Reg Jackson who had achieved the epic age of 100 years , the first Forum Member to so do and who appeared at this meeting to reminisce on his long and rich life. To the delight of members he spoke well and with great clarity and recollection on his life and career from an early age and appeared in remarkable condition for such a magnificent age!!

A new member Andy Grant joined the Forum at this meeting.

October 15th— Doug Hay was welcomed back after a long absence due to ill health.

October 22nd— A visitor Ian Blyth  attended this meeting and became a Forum Member the following week. Advance notice had been received of a November 6th meeting at Harrogate Library relating to “Harrogate Remembers the First World War” which would be celebrated in 2014.

November 5th —The Forum received a short presentation from Rachel of “Wall to Wall” T.V. regarding a proposed reality B.B.C. show it was looking for participants for —it seemed to involve owning up to past misdeeds of long standing and making amends with those affected!! Not really applicable to upstanding Harlow Forum Members.

November 19th—Attendance of a guest Graham Burcher son of member Ken Burcher.

November 26th—New member Ken Lupton joined our numbers.

December 10th—Christmas Lunch at Ascot House Hotel thoroughly enjoyed by 52 attendees. Charitable collection for Jennyruths Workshops raised £170.


January 7th—Two new members John Corby and Malcolm Rawdon added to our increasing throng.

January 14th—Second Open Meeting of the season. “Thank you” acknowledgement received from Jennyruths Workshops regarding Christmas donation.

John Taylor gave updates on both Reg Jackson and Alan Norton who had suffered health issues and domestic moves which would curtail their Forum attendances.

January 28th—President’s Morning–Rev. Mark Godfrey speaker for the morning

Congratulations were given to Bill McNicol on his recent 90th birthday.

January 30th—Harrogate Theatre visit (backstage tour). Enjoyed by a select group of 16/17 members and guests.

February 4th—Visitor in audience Roger Howell.

John Taylor sadly announced the death of former Secretary and current Honorary Life Member George Mountford after a stroke. (9/10 members subsequently attended his funeral)

February 18th—Ken Roberts congratulated on his forthcoming 90th birthday and warmly responded back to the gathered Forum Members.

This meeting saw Mr Wallace Sampson Harrogate District Borough Council Chief Executive address the Forum.

February 25th—Ken Burcher was reported to be in hospital following a heart attack but due for imminent discharge.

John Taylor advised members of the forthcoming Family History at Harrogate Showgrounds on March 15th.

March 4th—Marie Curie Cancer Fund had requested donations of old bicycles as part of a fund raising appeal.

New member Richard Wright added to the Forum’s numbers.

March 18th— Third Open Meeting of the season and also the Ray Coggan Memorial Meeting.

March 25th—5 members dropped from membership for various reasons but none had attended any meetings during current season.

April 1st—Ken Burcher back after his recuperation.

Forum advised that former Chairman Roy Howard was not well and former Registrar Denis Smith was in hospital but sent everyone his good wishes.

April 8th— Lou Consetine back at Forum having returned from U.S.A. Roy Howard now in hospital.

MEMBERS MORNING–talks given by Malcolm Wood; Michael Williams; Keith Wadd and Michael Cochrane.

April 15th— Advised of death of Elsie Jackson at 98 the wife of our centenarian Honorary Life Member Reg Jackson..they had been married for 75 years.

Last normal meeting of 37th season …Save the Children Charity.


May 6th— Informal lunch at Smith’s Arms Beckwithshaw.





I have posted a summary of the 2014 Annual General Meeting in Reports and Archives.



ATTENDANCE: President Rev. Mark Godfrey and 23 members present.

APOLOGIES: 8 apologies received from members.

MINUTES: minutes 0f 36th meeting agreed correct and signed by President. No amendments, changes or matters arising.

GENERAL SECRETARY’S REPORT: 61 members at close of previous season but regrettably 1 death during close season and 37th season started therefore with 60 members on books.

—6 new members joined during season.

— 1 death sadly reported.

—5 members dropped from membership.

At close of season membership remained at 60 members.

Continuing publicity through Harrogate Advertiser/ Church Website Links/ Harrogate Library and Tourist Information Centre and out own Forum Website.

PROGRAMME SECRETARY’S REPORT: Average attendance 32/33 during season.

Highlights included Reg Jackson’s 100th Birthday Meeting and Derek Clarkson’s Open Meeting Talk which equalled attendance record of 44. Also visited by Harrogate Borough Council Chief Executive Wallace Sampson in February.

£300 Charitable donations through direct contributions or via speaker’s fees.

Open Meetings and Members Mornings now agreed as permanent part of Annual Programme.

No change to length of Programme Season.

Ascot House Christmas lunch booked for third Tuesday in December (16th).

TREASURERS REPORT: Indicative receipts and payments account shows a continuing healthy surplus with costs continuing to be well controlled.

Increase in rent donation to Church (£20) agreed –up to £800.

Thanked Registrar Derek Simpson for his weekly efforts.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: President Rev. Mark Godfrey was standing down after this meeting due to Church reorganization within Harrogate District and it was agreed he would be succeeded by Rev. Christine Gillespie.

PRESIDENT:                          Rev. Christine Gillespie.

CHAIRMAN:                                    Michael Cochrane.

VICE CHAIRMAN:                        Neil Ramshaw.

**vacancy continues for 2nd Vice Chairman.

GENERAL SECRETARY:            Neil Ramshaw.


TREASURER:                                   Roy Smith.

REGISTRAR:                                    Derek Simpson.

CHURCH CONTACT:                    Mike South.

WELFARE OFFICER:                     Peter Copley.

CATERING OFFICERS:               Bill Blades; John Clark;                                                                                                            Bill McNicol; Tom Snelling.

AUDITOR:                                          Chris Butterfield.

The President thanked outgoing Chairman Roger Bancroft and all the officers for their work which contributed to such a successful Forum.

LAST EVENT OF THE SEASON: Informal lunch organized by John Taylor at Smith’s Arms Beckwithshaw on Tuesday May 6th at 12p.m.


—No 2nd Vice Chairman appointed –hoped to fill at a later date.

—Roy Howard proposed as Honorary Life Member and elected by audience acclaim.

—“Vote of Thanks” coordinator and potential rota for this task discussed—David Essam to liaise with John Taylor at start of new season.


—Next season (38th) of Forum will start with first meeting on Tuesday October 7th 10a.m. for 1030a.m.

—Michael Cochrane (Incoming Chairman) thanked President Rev. Mark Godfrey for his contributions to the Forum.