Secretary’s Report

Chairman Michael Cochrane opened the third meeting of the current season by welcoming attendees and advising of three apologies. John Taylor gave a short update on members who had been missing for some time due to health or associated issues and whilst most of the update was positive Forum Members would like to send their best wishes to Reg Jackson (Honorary Life Member), Roy Howard (Honorary Life Member), Denis Smith, Alan Norton and Roland Moor and hope that where possible they are able to return to the Forum soon.

Today’s Speaker was His Honour Judge Derek Clarkson Q.C. a well liked and respected Forum Member  and a regular previous speaker whose topic was intriguingly ” Curiosities”. He entertained, fascinated and educated the attentive audience with a range of curious facts and information pertaining to large numbers e.g. millions,billions and trillions touching on the cost of the HS2 Railway Project estimated at £45 billions moving on to the concept of time and in particularly the advent and mind-boggling accuracy of Atomic Clocks. Other subjects examined included Astronomy and musical notes emanating from Black Holes to the brain aching concept of Pi having been calculated in Japan to 2.7 trillion decimal places. Human credulity was visited with tales of hoaxes by Sir Patrick Moore ( April Fool ), the selling of Trojan Horse wood to gullible people and the notorious Dreadnought Hoax of 1910. Curious facts were advised including Tolkien’s two-fingered typing of his Lord of the Rings epic and Charlie Chaplin entering a namesake look-alike contest and failing to make the final. Eccentric characters were mentioned including two clerics, one with an alienated congregation who he replaced with cardboard cut outs and the other who liked to dress as a mermaid!! Stanley Green from London campaigned for many years in a particular way to reduce lust by advocating  eliminating protein from diets and avoiding wasteful sitting. The talk concluded with more amusing facts and stories and the appreciative audience enthusiastically applauded at its conclusion.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Gordon Richardson and there were 32 attendees.


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