Secretary’s Report

The meeting was started by the Chairman Michael Cochrane with the announcement of two new members attending namely John Stott and Fred Spurrier and one prospective member David Siddans. Two apologies had been given.

It was confirmed that David Essam had been nominated as Second Vice Chairman and members agreed this appointment by acclamation. The final call for Christmas lunch payment and menus was made and the audience was advised a record 57 had booked.

Returning for a third time Mr Alun Pugh spoke on “Teaching–An Interruption To My Holidays”. This proved to be an extremely entertaining and amusing hour of stories and anecdotes from the teaching industry including some of a personal nature. Name checked amongst his tales were Gervase Phinn, John Lennon, Jilly Cooper and Phil Willis  amongst others.  He also shared some of his father’s recollections, who was also a teacher, from his post war diaries and then of his own experiences from teaching in the Leeds area including his most “famous” pupil Stuart McAll. What stood out was the noticeable changes in accepted behaviors and disciplines from the 1940’s through the 1960’s to the present day and what was deemed acceptable then and almost nostalgic but which would be deemed unacceptable today!! An engaged audience offered a number of comments and questions at the end of the talk.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Vincent Naylor on behalf of the appreciative 44 attendees.





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