Secretary’s Report

Chairman Michael Cochrane started the meeting on time with three apologies having being offered. With the Christmas lunch approaching he solicited views on which charitable cause to support with the collection that will be taken with suggestions to either himself at the end of the meeting or through John Taylor next week.

The Forum’s own General Secretary gave todays talk which was titled “The Richest Prize In Sport” which looked at the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship from the mid 1880’s and through the main part of the 20th century. Boxing was placed within the social mores of the times and how even the early champions like Sullivan, Corbett and Jeffries were able to make excellent earnings from tours, appearances, exhibitions and show business as well as from their ring purses. Great champions such as Fitzsimmons, Dempsey, Louis and Marciano were mentioned amongst others as well as the controversy created by the inimitable Jack Johnson or the pathetic story of Primo Carnera. An eye boggling examination of the ring earnings of champions over the years against other leading sports showed an enormous difference and reinforced the concept of boxing’s heavyweight champions owning “The Richest Prize In Sport”.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Roger Bancroft on behalf of the 39 attendees.

David Essam spoke of the rota for future votes of thanks and asked members to add their names if able for the second half of the season.



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