Chairman Michael Cochrane opened the meeting with five apologies having been received.

Our President Reverend Christine Gillespie was welcomed to her first formal Forum meeting and thanked the Chairman for her introduction and also the refreshment she had been provided with. She advised the audience that her talk would not have slides or be holiday photographs and tales but would be a discussion about Bible translation. For the next 45 minutes Christine informed and illuminated attending members, with the different use of language and its understanding, using verses from the King James Authorised Version, the New International Version and the Good News Version. She pointed out that original source versions of the Bible had been in Hebrew, Greek and Latin and that translation could change meaning or emphasis and was also dependent on the style and interpretation given by both the initial scribes and then future translators. Also over time language itself including English changes in how it’s used and its meaning or understanding to audiences of different periods. A salient point was also made about more modern archaeological finds of older biblical texts that have been discovered after some translations of the Bible and this has allowed a greater understanding of the original intent.  There was general agreement however of the beautiful and at times poetic language used in the Authorised Version. Interaction between the Speaker and an engaged assembly was evident throughout the morning and evidenced by the questions raised at the end.

George Thomas gave a considered and thoughtful Vote of Thanks on behalf of the 35 attendees.


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