Chairman Michael Cochrane started the last normal meeting of the 38th season with five apologies being offered. John Taylor advised members that it had not been possible to arrange a visit for May 5th.

The Forum welcomed a popular returning Speaker Professor Martin Curzon whose topic “Trace Elements” provided an educational, informative but also an entertaining time in this last session. His subject covered chemistry with mention of the Atomic Table and Essential and Trace Elements, looking at the impact on humans, animals and plants. The Human Concept focussed on “We are what we eat” with nutrition, food(s) and diet all having an impact. He indicated the modern basis of homeopathy “What makes a man ill may cure him”.Essential elements ( Oxygen, Calcium, Phosphorus etc) were mentioned but the main area covered was regarding Trace elements and the need for enough but not too much citing amongst other examples lead and fluoride and showing examples of what can happen if over or under assimilated. His slides showed the impact on humans,animals and plants and he shared the results of research from around the world which had increased the knowledge of Trace elements and their impacts and also identified the natural differences in different parts of countries and this country. As to be expected from the Emeritus Professor some of the research related to dental issues(range and scale of caries) and research groups had included schoolchildren and the Military and sometimes the different impacts or needs of men from women was highlighted. Questions raised at the end showed the interest that his talk had generated.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Dave Essam on behalf of the 35 attendees with a supported wish that he visits again future with a further talk.


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