The first meeting of the 39th season started promptly at 1030 a.m. with new Chairman Neil Ramshaw welcoming everyone back after the summer break. Two new members Robert Bradwell and Tony Bills were welcomed to the gathering. Two apologies from Dennis Anderson and Mike McKeviit had been offered.

Mention was made of John Clark’s illness and recovery but due to continuing medical treatment there would be times when kitchen support would be required from 950 a.m. onwards on Forum days. Anyone able to offer assistance should make themselves known and it would be appreciated.

Roy Smith (Treasurer) spent a few minutes talking through the Receipts and Payments Account for the year ending 30th June 2015 confirming the Forum remained in rude financial health particularly as grant proceeds for the projector costs (£209.99) had been received in the new financial year.

Dave Essam advised members that the Vote of Thanks Rota had been filled for the first five weeks and three slots remained in the period up to Christmas which he would welcome being taken.

Today’s Speaker was Mr Keith Barber from South Leeds and his topic “Memory Lane” promised members nostalgia and entertainment in equal measure. The talk backed up by a comprehensive slide show presentation took the audience back through the 1940’s/50’s and 60’s in the main with many expressions of recall and recognition being expressed. The World War Two years were covered with remembrances of rationing, gas masks and drills, various  bomb shelter types and the exuberant joyous scenes from V.E. day. Housing stock particularly back to back street terraces and pre-fabs were commented upon including outside and shared toilets, sculleries with antiquated plumbing and tin baths!! Old style corner shops (pre supermarkets times) were shown and discussed and the absence of health and safety restrictions of modern times noted. The acute winter of 1948 and excessive amount and period with snow was remembered. The numerous cigarette brands were shown, old style sweet brands recalled and popular Radio and T.V. shows and entertainment stars of the period brought to mind. Children grew up with freedom to play outside for considerable periods of time participating amongst other things in street football and cricket, skipping, hopscotch and constructing bogeys. Motor Vehicles were in much more limited use with horse and carts still about, sterling coinage still held sway and the great fairgrounds of the period were affectionately recalled. The presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by members and questions taken at its conclusion.

The Vote of Thanks was given by John Taylor on behalf of the 41 attendees.


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