Dave Essam was in the Chair for the second time in recent weeks and started the meeting promptly with only one apology having been offered. He was pleased to advise that a record audience of fifty for an all male meeting had gathered.

John Taylor advised members of the final arrangements for next Tuesday’s Christmas Lunch at the Ascot House Hotel with again a record of seventy-six attendees and no further bookings able to be taken. Mike South then spoke eloquently and convincingly on the proposal that Harrogate 20th Scout Group be the beneficiary of the Christmas Lunch Charity Collection and pointed out that the local support from our group would be well received.

Today’s Speaker was the Forum’s own Chairman Neil Ramshaw whose talk was “Let Your Computer Entertain You”. Whilst a somewhat self admitted philistine in technological matters he shared with the audience the types of devices he owns and the different functions he makes use of. This ranged from E/Mails, On-Line Banking and Shopping, E/Readers for Newspapers and Books, Comparison sites for Insurance, Holidays etc. and his use of web sites particularly You Tube which support his interest and enjoyment in clips from Sport, Music, Films and T.V. Over the course of his discourse he touched upon a number of his own favourites which included Olympic mishaps, Fenton the “Rodeo Dog”, quirky T.V. Adverts, Jimmy Durante and Harry James concluding with the enduring quality and appeal of the Diamonds and their hit record “Little Darlin'”. A number of pertinent questions and comments ended the session.

Dave Essam Acting Chairman proposed the Vote of Thanks on behalf of the fifty in attendance.


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